Positive Psychology and Self Development Center  is a boutique organization, which serves leaders who choose to powerfully engage stakeholders with upright ethics, responsibility, and achieving results.

Whether you are an individual, a team, or a national/ international corporation, Positive Psychology and Self Development Center  offers established courses that focus on leadership, strength building, and development.

The main curriculum and all courses accredited by the “Knowledge and Human Development Authority” have been designed exclusively by Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener, also known as, the “Indiana Jones of Positive Psychology”. Besides, trained and qualified facilitators at Positive Psychology and Self Development Center  present the latter.

Upon establishment, Positive Psychology and Self Development Center  has taken a singular and unique approach towards supporting, challenging and motivating clients. The belief held is “that there is a great potential within each and every one of us, and it is waiting to be realized.” To extract this potential, facilitators at Positive Psychology and Self Development Center  strive to help individuals understand both, their realized and unrealized strengths, so that they can recognize their leadership talents. Thus, individuals will be catapulted on the life path that they want to lead.

Positive Psychology and Self Development Center  takes a unique "whole person" approach in corroborating, stimulating and inspiring each one of their clients. Whether facilitators, at Positive Psychology and Self Development Center , work with an individual or an entire organization, we help people achieve significant personal and professional success.

Positive Psychology and Self Development Center  courses are based on the science of Applied Positive Psychology, which is a recent branch of psychology that focuses on human prosperity. This approach has created a lot of interest around the subject. Besides, in 2006, a course at Harvard University, entitled “The Science of Happiness”, became the most popular course during one of the semesters.

Positive Psychology and Self Development Center is applying the science of Positive Psychology for the first time in the Gulf and Middle East from 2011.

Positive Psychology can be defined into three overlapping areas of research (Seligman, Martin E. P, 2002)

The “Pleasant Life” or the “Life of Enjoyment”, examines how people optimally experience, forecast, and savor the positive feelings and emotions that are part of normal and healthy living (i.e. relationships, hobbies, interests, etc.)

The “Good Life” or the “Life of Engagement”, investigates the beneficial effects of immersion, absorption, and flow that individuals feel when engaged with their primary activities. These states are experienced when there is a positive match between an individual’s strength & the take he/she is doing.

The “Meaningful Life” or the “Life of Affiliation”, questions how individuals derive a positive sense of well-being, belonging, meaning, and purpose from being part of and contributing back to something larger and more permanent than themselves (i.e. nature, traditions, belief systems, movements, etc.)

Seligman, Martin E. P. (2002). Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to Realize Your Potential for Lasting Fulfillment. New York: Free Press. ISBN 0-7432-2297-0.

Courses at Positive Psychology and Self Development Center 


This course is targeted and recommended for Professionals, Executives and Leaders who have a desire to enhance their performance. In this course, individuals will be learning a new method of Leadership that generates a climate of excitement, creativity and innovation

The course will be central in training individuals to become Strength-based oriented, and to provide the tools necessary to recognise and realise untapped Character Strengths - thus ultimately enhancing performance

Duration : 3 Days



Another core quality of character education is developing positive relationships. This course has been designed to help individuals gain a better understanding of the evolutionary necessity of relationships, how emotional attachments are formed, and the science of empathy and altruism.

The course focuses on how to develop positive relationships in various contexts through scientific research and practical applications

Duration : 2 Days



This course is one of the foundational areas in the field of Positive Psychology. It has been designed to help discover how fostering Happiness in one’s own life will lead to Positive outcomes and a more fulfilling life overall

Participants will be motivated to discover what they believe Happiness is in the workplace and how they can uphold that

Duration:  2 Days



This course is focused on developing participants’ ability to Master Assertiveness and Positively express themselves. It is true that we may not be able to control the behaviour of others; we can however control our reactions. The purpose of this course is to equip individuals with the necessary tools in standing up for themselves and saying No – especially in situations where the pressures of social compliance is high.

Alot of people assume that Assertiveness is innate – you either have it or you don’t – well the good news is that Assertiveness is actually a learned skill, so everyone has the potential to master it!

Duration : 1 Day



This course will be an in-depth version of our offered 'How to say No' course, it will focus on finding stability in individuals lives through the balancing of mind, body, emotion & spirit. Moreover this course will be a key in practicing learned assertiveness skills.

Duration : 2 Days



This course will be focused on core knowledge, skills, and resources around related Character Education topics to participants in order to enhance their overall Happiness and functioning. In addition, individuals will train in and practice skills throughout the five core interactive modules on various Character education topics

Core Topics of the Character Building for Peak Performance Journey:

- Introduction to Positive Psychology and Assessment

- Strengths

- Assertiveness

- Positive Relationships

- Good Times, Bad Times

- Finding Meaning at Work

Duration : 4 Sessions (Once a week) / 4 Days Consecutively



 ‘Private one-to-one Coaching sessions’, are designed for CEOs, Chairmen and Directors.  These sessions allow individuals to discover their potential and maximise their strengths in order to flourish and achieve significant success

These focused driven sessions are specifically tailored to individual needs. All sessions are confidential and are flexible in terms of timing as per the client request Further to this, 8-12 sessions are recommended for substantial growth in highest productivity, and excellence

Our reputable coaches will take an active hands-on approach to working with individuals in key areas such as relationships, career and family dynamics. This will be accomplished through regular meetings, goal-setting and frequent monitoring of the progress that has been made

One-to-one coaching is extremely effective as it brings in a fresh perspective and a high level of professional experience and dedication to helping individuals achieve their goals and ultimately leaving detrimental habits and practices behind

Duration : (By Appointment Only)